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Rabab Ghazoul

Rabab Ghazoul is a visual artist who explores our negotiations of the political. She uses different media and processes, often with a slant on the performative or the conversational. Drawing upon texts in the broadest sense – from a piece of news media footage to an existing artwork – she’s interested in the nuance of private and public affiliation; the relationship of wider political frameworks upon the personal, and the daily.

Her work emerges in different ways, appearing as video, installation, print, performance, or public realm intervention and encounter. Sometimes her artworks are conversations, lasting a day or a year. There is always some element of engagement, an invitation to participate.

She approaches practice as an expanded realm of interaction, occurring both within and beyond the gallery or studio. The public realm, the realm of people is her primary context. Whether organising a march, a choir, a screening or a debate, activities are often questions to herself and others around what words such as ‘community’, ‘democracy’ or ‘belonging’ might mean.

Born in Mosul, she has lived in the UK since 1980, working in Cardiff, Wales, since 1993.

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