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CULTURUNNERS is an artistic expedition across borders; it is a core component of Edge of Arabia's ongoing US Tour in partnership with Art Jameel. At the heart of the project is the development of cultural technologies that support artists in exploring and communicating alternative and often unofficial histories that can link communities between the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region and United States. CULTURUNNERS take shape through artistic collaborations and activities supported by technologies developed by artists, faculty and curators from MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology, Edge of Arabia and Art Jameel.

CULTURUNNERS is co-authored by Azra Aksamija, MIT Assistant Professor, and Stephen Stapleton, Director of Edge of Arabia, and developed in collaboration with artists who have spent a decade traveling between the US and the Middle East - from UK over Yemen to Saudi Arabia and Iran, and from the Balkans over Central Europe to United States.

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