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Adelina Cüberyan v. Fürstenberg

Swiss citizen of Armenian origin, Adelina Cüberyan v. Fürstenberg is a renowned international curator. A pioneer in the field, she is known for broadening contemporary art to include a multicultural approach. She was one of the first curators to show active interest in non-European artists and established a signature multicultural approach in art. With her unique vision on contemporary exhibitions, she has placed art in spaces such as monasteries, medersas, large public buildings, squares, islands, parks, etc. Her works strives to provide a larger context for visual art by making it a more vigorous part of our lives, creating a more vivid dialogue between art forms, and relating it to global social issues.

She is the Founder and the first Director of the Centre d’Art Contemporain of Geneva. Her work as Director of Le Magasin at the Centre National d’Art Contemporain of Grenoble and of its School of Curators was internationally recognized with an award at the Biennale of Venice (1993). She has organized numerous large-scale exhibitions around the world including Dialogues of Peace to mark the United Nations’s 50th anniversary (1995). She was appointed by UNHCR and the European Commission to produce Stories on Human Rights, 22 short fiction films for the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (2008). In 2013 she was Chief Curator of the 4th Thessaloniki Biennale. In 1996 she founded ART for The World, an NGO working with contemporary art, independent cinema and human rights. Among her most recent curatorships, FOOD (2013-2015) at the Ariana Museum, Geneva; SESC Pinheiros, Sao Paulo; MUCEM, Marseille; and Here Africa (2014-2015)at the Château de Penthes, Geneva, and at the SESC Belenzhino, Sao Paulo.

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