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Mustafa Zaman

Born 1968, Dhaka based artist Mustafa Zaman received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1989 from the Institute of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka. Trained as a printmaker, he soon veered into multidisciplinary practice turning his attention to contemporary human condition often observed in relation to the instruments of power, the medicalisation of the body being a major theme to observe the effect(s). Zaman had his first solo exhibition in 2002, where sourced images were placed alongside texts to interrogate the order of knowledge, an exhibition which set the tone of his current praxis. Zaman’s oeuvres rest between the two interconnected, yet separate realms -- the human body as a subject in flux and the representation/objectification of the body in both art and non-art context. Often working across media, Zaman unspools images, objects and texts from within the subject-object continuum, utilizing tools developed in his early years as an artist who often delves into poetry and criticism. He has exhibited extensively across Bangladesh including two solo and a number of group exhibitions at Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts, Alliance Française, and, recently, at Bengal Art Lounge. His next photo installation will be showcased in the Dhaka Art Summit 2016.

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