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Yasmin Jahan Nupur

Yasmin Jahan Nupur completed her MFA in paintings from Chittagong University in Bangladesh. Her practice spans installations and performances, inspired by the urgent ecological and community/public aspects of life. Inclined to incorporate those elements in her work, she often engages closely with people from communities who are deprived of social benefits, like women and migrants, to explore prevailing social values of her region. For example, Yasmin's rope and string performance invites audiences to share their feelings as she winds string around herself slowly but tightly, with bits of her face forcefully protruding through the string, conveying to the viewers the strict binding, pain and helplessness border immigrants have to face through their movement.

In recognition of her artistic endeavours, Yasmin was awarded the 2011 International Arts Residency by the Commonwealth Foundation of United Kingdom.

Yasmin lives and works in Bangladesh.


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