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Zihan Karim

Zihan Karim was born in 1984, Chittagong, Bangladesh where he now lives and works.

Zihan Karim is an audio-visual artist working in a range of media including moving image, installation, sound and painting. His works experience the subtleties of time, space, and societal issues through the syntax of video, space, monitor and objects. He work intends to create a new dialogue or sphere between the virtual and reality through many layers and staged interventions on the cityscape using film projections to reveal the special characteristics of specific sites. Through the ability of emotion, and the sensitivity implicit in moving images along with a perception for the spaces, Karim tries to lead viewers into a perceptual world, to engrave something both inside and on the external. Karim studied painting at University of Chittagong and is a founding member of “JOG art space”. He participated in various exhibitions including Dhaka Art Summit (2012), International Short Film Festival (2012), Bangladesh Asian Art Biennale (2012, 2014), 5th Fukuoka Asian Art Triennial (2014), Itoshima Art Festival (2014), and Next Art Tainan (2015).


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